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"I have consulted Sarah a number of times over the past few years. I have always found her caring and attentive in a way that doctors rarely have time to be. I feel as if "my health" has had the opportunity to speak for itself, rather than being forced to take the single given option. This was the case recently where Sarah was able to offer a treatment that avoided the threat of physical (and therefore emotional) scarring.
I will continue to recommend Sarah to my friends and family."
"I can't praise Sarah's practice enough. Before going to her, I had seen other homoeopaths, but hadn't always felt at ease talking to them or entirely confident in their practice. With Sarah it was different-from my first visit to her,I found her to be a warm and understanding person with whom I "clicked" immediately. Sarah complements and enhances her homoeopathy with kiniesiology, which I find fascinating. Besides this, Sarah has a wide range of knowledge on so many different health related areas. She is not what I would call a "purist", so besides the remedies, she has given me invaluable advice and information on diet suitable for my various food intolerances, exercises for weak bladder muscles, what to do about worsening eyesight etc. She also suggested helpful homoeopathic remedies as support when I had to undergo difficult dental treatment and when I faced the possibility of surgery. I have complete faith in Sarah, so although I no longer live in London, I still make a point of trying to arrange an appointment with her whenever I return. " J.B.
"Sarah came into my life at a time when I was going through a very difficult time with pre-menopausal symptoms. I was one of the unfortunate ones who suffered depression, acute anxiety and sadness in addition to the usual mood swings and hot flushes. I found the treatment incredible and was constantly amazed at how effective it was. I was also lucky that Sarah and my GP had mutual respect for each other and in a sense worked together. Over the years I have returned for various reasons as I lead a very busy lifestyle with its ensuing stresses of modern day living. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment if only for its holistic approach to treatment." C.L.
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