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Core Release is an active form of hands-on bodywork, with the aim of touching and softening the core, so holding patterns deep in the connective tissue can be recognised and released, and changes integrated into the bodymind. Using a map of the deep core developed by Noah Karrasch, I will explore and hold “stuck” places, while the client breathes and stretches, bringing awareness and release to the area. This may include deep emotional release. The session takes place on a massage table with the client fully clothed.

Rossiter System is a series of techniques to help release tight and shortened connective tissue which is causing pain and stiffness. As a Rossiter Coach, I use specific techniques to help the recipient locate areas of pain and tightness, then I use my foot to anchor the tissue in place and coach the recipient in the appropriate stretch needed for release of the area. This is the most powerful form of Soft Tissue Release that I have come across. It constitutes more of a workout than a treatment. The techniques are designed to bring wide-spread connective tissue release across the body.

I have a Level 5 BTEC in
Sports and Remedial Massage from NLSSM, and am trained in a wide variety of remedial massage techniques to assess and treat all kinds of pain and injury (not just sports-related injuries).
“If I can help you unwind your bodymindcore - whether from the body, from the emotions, or from any starting point we find – I’m assisting you in freeing and knowing your essence, your core experience, your being and your doing. This is my goal.”

Noah Karrasch